The upcoming Next World Forum gaming and esports conference will feature over 50 speakers and experts

Next World Forum

The Next World Forum is a new gaming and esports-focused conference debuting in Saudi Arabia, and it’s being hosted by the Saudi Esports Federation. At the Forum, speakers and delegates will converge to discuss and plan future opportunities in gaming and esports. Additionally, there will be several collaborations and other emerging opportunities at the forum that will promote rapid sector growth through investment and partnerships.

Some of the highlights and topics you can expect to see addressed during the Next World Forum include:

  • An overview of the key tech development challenges that are affecting the dynamic gaming and esports landscape. 
  • Considerations about impact-driven gaming, the real-world impact of gaming and esports, and gaming for innovation. 
  • An overview of the rapidly-growing Saudi market, as well as opportunities for collaborators to be a part of it.
  • Dialogue about new gaming and esports trends, including cloud gaming, distribution platform development, and the frequent desire for additional content. 
  • Solution-based discussions about important subjects such as government attitudes towards the sector, the development of gaming and esports talent, and the creation of necessary infrastructure.
  • Talks focusing on a wide variety of exciting and important esports innovations, regulations, and legislation.

Attendees can expect to see speakers and experts representing the Saudi Esports Federation, the Esports Entertainment Group, MENA and GGTech, the Africa Esports Development Federation, and several other organizations. In total, there will be over 50 speakers and experts, over 1,000 delegates, and over 20 partners present at the conference. A full schedule of every discussion topic and event planned for the forum can be found here

(Image credit: Saudi Esports Federation)

In terms of the stakeholders that will be at the summit, guests can anticipate the following attendees: investors, gamers, developers, publishers, broadcasters, technology providers, brands, advertisers, team owners, federations, league organizers, and public sector representatives. There will also be multiple start-ups over the course of the conference as well.

 The Next World Forum will run during September 7-8, 2022, and will be hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel at the Kingdom Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You can register for an invitation to the event on the Next World Forum homepage. Additionally, you can learn more about the event from various Saudi Esports Federation social media pages and sites, including the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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