The Pixel 6a is a great deal at under $400 on Amazon

Pixel 6a amazon august 2022

Google announced the Pixel 6a back in May, but the mid-range phone has only been available since July. Nevertheless, the $450 price tag means it’s within touching distance of the flagship-grade Pixel 6.

We thought the Pixel 6a offered decent value for money at its original $450 price tag but that the Pixel 6 was a better phone for the price. Google’s $600 flagship can be had for a little cheaper these days and includes missing Pixel 6a features like a high refresh rate screen, faster wired charging, improved durability, and a better main camera. 

Nevertheless, this $370 price tag certainly makes the Pixel 6a a great buy. Toss in a lengthy commitment to updates, a great camera experience, and Pixel-exclusive features (e.g. call screening, offline dictation), and you’ve got a phone worth checking out. You can tap the button below or click the image above to take advantage of this deal.

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