The Best Valorant Team Comp For Each Map

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The Best Valorant Team Comp For Each Map 42

Valorant, Riot’s tactical FPS, gives players a wide range of agents to pick from. Every Valorant agent has a different set of powers that distinguishes them, and their usefulness changes depending on the map structure. Furthermore, there is a high level of agent synergy, resulting in team compositions playing a critical part in a Valorant match.
Most team compositions will have some kind of synergy between each agent’s powers; in some circumstances, different comps will be stronger at defending a site and defusing spikes. Others, on the other hand, will perform significantly better while attacking a site in order to win the round with a stealthy spike plant. The optimal team comp for you, according to Valorant, will be one that uses an agent who you are already familiar with and prefer.

Best Valorant Team Comps By Map


Valorant Map Guide | Ascent - Valorant | Update

Kay/O, Killjoy, Astra, Sova, and Jett are the optimum team composition for this map. Because Ascent is a rather defense-heavy map, Killjoy’s abilities are critical to team success.

This team composition is ideal for this map, since Kay/O and Sova’s reckon abilities, as well as Astra’s smokes, combine to both stupefy and compromise enemy areas. Jett can be replaced with another duelist, but her dash, when combined with a competent Operator user, can really help you score some early choices.


Valorant Map Guide - Bind - Mobalytics

Brimstone, Viper, Raze, Cypher, and Sova are the ideal squad for Bind. Because Bind requires a lot of rotation, we went with twin controllers in Viper and Brim. Because of the frequent enemy rotations, obtaining an early view of enemy locations is critical, which makes Sova and Cypher perfect candidates for the team comp.

Add in the bombshell from Brazil if that wasn’t enough. Raze has the potential to wreak havoc on this level, which allows her a lot of points to use her satchel jump and ultimate combo.


Arrive on Breeze // Map Reveal - VALORANT - YouTube

Jett, Viper, Sova, Skye, and Killjoy take up the places for the best team composition on one of the most punishing maps. Breeze is a large map that will require a patient team to have options for every situation. If Viper’s enormous wall wasn’t entertaining enough, this map is all about the attackers’ lineups working in their favour.


Valorant: Haven Map Guide (Advanced Analysis) by ACTiV - Mobalytics

Valorant is the only map so far with three bomb locations, and it enlists the talents of Killjoy, Jett, Skye, Astra, and Sova to form the ultimate team. Haven is a difficult map to play on, and matches are nearly always decided by the defenders.

Killjoy’s utility will, as usual, work to the defense’s benefit, but Skye and Sova will need to cooperate with Astra’s smokes to initiate entry, which will help to mitigate that. There are a lot of cheeky Jett-Ult places in this map. It’s skewed toward defenders, but it shouldn’t detract from the fact that this team composition strikes a good balance on both ends.


Enter the Icebox // Map Reveal - VALORANT - YouTube

Many top players consider Icebox to be their favourite map for lineups. As a result, it’s no surprise that Reyna, Viper, Sova, Sage, and Jett make up the ideal team. Viper is the agent who has truly stepped up to the plate on this map. Her utilities have played well enough to single-handedly win Icebox games on numerous occasions, going from nearly ignored to a top choice pick for Icebox.
Icebox is one of the most well-balanced maps in terms of both offence and defence. When Sage’s utilities are combined with the controller wall and smokes from Viper and Jett, this squad becomes extremely terrifying, especially if one side begins to dominate early on.


Valorant Map Guide | Split - Valorant | Update

The radiants Omen, Jett, Sage, Raze, and Cypher make up the optimum 5-side team comp on the final map on this list. Mid-control battles are where the majority of Split battles are won. The Sage wall is arguably most useful in this situation. Cypher’s presence on any site can effectively halt a push and force your squad to rotate quickly. When it comes to attack, Omen and Jett are the greatest at gaining strategic positions for entry, and if that proves too difficult, simply summon Raze and her arsenal of lunacy.


What agents are good on what maps Valorant?

Ascent – Jett, Astra, Chamber Sova, Killjoy.
Bind – Raze, Astra, Viper, Sova, Skye.
Breeze -Jett, Viper, Skye, Sova, Chamber.
Fracture – Cypher, Breach, Astra, Chamber, Jett.
Haven -Jett, Astra, Skye, Sova, Killjoy.
Icebox -Jett, Viper, Chamber, Sova, Sage.
Split -Jett, Viper, Skye, Sage, Cypher

Which is the best map in Valorant?


Split is still the best option.The office-like setting remains Valorant’s greatest because of its perfect indoor-outdoor mix and layout, which allows all agents to shine. Split is your ideal first-person shooter map since it has a dangerous middle sector with difficult to break open Spike points.

What is the best agent for every map?

Jett is a must-have on Split, with so many elevated areas to experiment with. Her ability to raise herself and thrust forward is one of her key charms, and it’s crucial for drawing opponent crosshairs away from the site’s main entrance points.

Is Sova good on every map?

Sova is a popular choice on many of the maps on this list, although Split is not one of them. There are numerous cubbies and niches where his recon arrow can be hidden. There aren’t many good post-plant shock arrow lineups.

Is Cypher still good?


It’s still a terrific tool for reading the opponent team, which in Valorant is half the battle. This may also be used aggressively to scan corners for adversaries before pushing onto a site, and it’s especially useful in post-plant scenarios where the Cypher can sit somewhere safe and call for the rest of their team.

Is Reyna good on ascent?

It’s difficult to argue that flashes and blinds aren’t crucial on Ascent. With so few ways in and out of both places, you’ll need all the support you can get to get in. That’s where a Phoenix or Reyna flash comes in handy.

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