The best October Prime Day gaming PC deals

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Amazon’s Prime Early Access (opens in new tab) sale, or Prime Day: The Sequel, as we like to call it, has continued into its second day. This hub is where we’re corralling all the best deals on prebuilt gaming PCs. Despite this being a made-up Amazon sales day, there are some other retailers jumping into the game, including Newegg and custom PC builder iBuyPower.

Prime Early Access is showing discounts on RTX 30-series graphics card powered gaming PCs, along with AMD’s latest cards. Between the RTX 40-series release, AMD’s RDNA3 teasers, and Intel’s Arc GPUs, the market is getting a little heated. That means plenty of gaming PCs are seeing discounted prices in anticipation of the spicy, graphical battle royal to come.

The components in the gaming PCs on this list will stay relevant for some time, though. You’ll just have to make peace with the fact you’ll soon be a generation behind, GPU-wise—but that’s basically always the case. It might mean potentially two or three generations when it comes to CPUs, depending on your budget, but you can still get some decent gaming sessions in on the PCs below.

We’re seeing the most discounts on prebuilt machines with high-end GPUs like the RTX 3080, RTX 3080 Ti, and Radeon RX 6900XT. It makes sense as those cards be replaced first. The next generation looks to be a significant performance increase over the current standard, so expect high-end machines to boast bigger savings. 

Of course, the GPU makes up a huge portion of a gaming system’s prowess, but that’s not the only component to pay attention to. CPUs are seeing price drops due to the AMD 7000-series announcements and Intel’s allusion to 13th Gen CPUs coming next year.  On top of that, SSD prices continue to tumble, and RAM (at least DDR4) has never been cheaper.

We’ve spent the both days of the sale tracking down the best discounts, and updating this page with the best gaming PC deals they can find. So keep checking back to see what we’ve unearthed. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a laptop, then check out the best Amazon Prime Early Access laptop deals (opens in new tab).

Where are the best Prime Early Access gaming PC deals?

Amazon Prime Early Access gaming PC deals

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When is Amazon Prime Early Access 2022?

Amazon Prime Early Access, or Prime Day 2, started at 12 am PT, Tuesday October 11, and will run all the way through to 11.59 pm on Wednesday October 12. These 48 hours will be an intense bout of PC gaming deals, before we get into the meatier discounts expected to drop on Black Friday—that’s November 25 for anyone willing to wait that long. Truly, Amazon isn’t messing around when it says Early Access. In fact, let’s just have a deal event every month. 

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