Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Features we want to see

A Galaxy Watch 4 user checks for software updates in the watch settings.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 successfully raised the bar for Wear OS devices. With a staggering number of health features, a speedy new chipset, and access to a vast library of apps, the device is hard not to recommend. It also introduced (and monopolized) Wear OS 3, keeping Samsung ahead of the competition for months. However, the Galaxy Watch 4 also has some limitations, and there is certainly room for improvement in specs and software. In this twilight zone of a year, it might seem like just yesterday that Samsung’s current flagship launched. In reality, the next generation already lurks just around the corner. Here’s what we want to see in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

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Longer battery life (and faster charging please)

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rests on a beige cushion while charging.

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Sure, the battery on Galaxy Watch 4 has Apple beat, but when competitors like Fitbit and Garmin offer devices with week-long battery life, 40 hours is a bit hard to swallow. Even worse is the relatively long charge time when you do run out of juice.

In short, a bump in battery life wouldn’t hurt, and luckily, leaks suggest that one might be coming. If Samsung increases the Galaxy Watch 5’s battery capacity to 276mAh as rumored, users should be looking at longer use time between charges. That being said, other factors affect battery life, including display resolution, so it’s not yet possible to say if we’ll feel the increase.

Google Assistant

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 displays its app screen on a black background.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

We don’t want to keep beating a dead horse here, but we’d still like to see Google Assistant as promised. Bixby does its best, but Google integration is hard to claim when such an important tool is MIA. After several updates with no sign of the missing assistant, we’ve all but given up. Now we’re resigned to hoping the next generation has this feature on board at launch.

Less exclusivity

A user turns on her Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 by holding down the top button.

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Both older Wear OS watches and past generations of the Galaxy Watch worked with iPhones, but the Galaxy Watch 4 jumped ship. We know most Apple users will opt for the Apple Watch 7 anyway, but who doesn’t like options?

More unfortunate is that some of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s most exciting health-tracking features only work if the device is paired with a Samsung smartphone. Other Android users do not have access to the ECG, which requires the Samsung Health Monitor app. Blood pressure measurements are also exclusive to Samsung smartphones. We hope to see a Galaxy Watch 5 with tools that all Android users can tap into, and if it’s not too much to ask, iPhone users too.

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Rumored temperature sensor

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rests on a tan leather surface and displays the Modern Minimalist watch face.

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Rumors about upcoming wearables aren’t always accurate, but in this case, we’re crossing our fingers: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may introduce a thermometer function. According to ETNews, this feature would not only be useful for detecting early signs of COVID-19 but it would also be valuable for women tracking their cycles.

Any tool that helps integrate women’s health into the smartwatch landscape is a move in the right direction. If the Galaxy Watch 5 can truly provide more helpful data on this front that would be a great start.

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More Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 styles

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rests face down, exposing the band's spring bar.

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We loved the two-prong approach of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Classic and wouldn’t complain about another duo in that regard. But we would also love to see more band styles and bold colors from the company. Third-party bands offer users every option from metal and leather to nylon and resin. Luckily, these are often quite affordable. However, more exciting out-of-the-box looks would be fun to see including additional case colors. Is it too much to ask that smaller wrists at least get the same green option as big wrists?

And on a related note, we are definitely hoping for band compatibility between the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, because we’re well-stocked.

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Wider compatibility


Google Assistant


More colors and styles


Those were all the things we want to see on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but what are some of your expectations? Drop us a line in the comments section. Also, take our poll above to tell us which upgrade matters to you the most.

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