Poll: Do you sleep with your phone in bed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen upright on bed

There are loads of people who use their phone in bed before sleeping, doing things like reading, browsing social media, surfing the web, or using messaging apps.

However, how many people actually sleep with their phone in bed too? That’s the topic of today’s poll, so go ahead and vote via the survey below and leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate.

Do you sleep with your phone in bed?

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We can understand why you’d rather not have your phone in bed with you while sleeping. Perhaps the biggest issue is that you might accidentally knock it off your bed, potentially breaking the device and waking up the household. We also imagine that the mere presence of the phone in bed could be a distraction while trying to sleep.

Then again, it turns out that at least two Srdtf News team members sleep with their phones under their pillows (including yours truly). So we’re guessing there are a few more people out there doing the same thing.

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