Leak suggests Ecobee’s entering the video doorbell space

Leak suggests Ecobee’s entering the video doorbell space

Ecobee, a company best known for its line of smart thermostats, may be working on a video doorbell. A leaked image from ZatzNotFunny shows what looks like an Ecobee-branded video doorbell with rounded corners and a button outlined in blue.

As noted by ZatzNotFunny, the doorbell features a green light status light, as well as two small holes, one of which could be a microphone, placed directly beneath the camera. Its overall design seems to glean elements from existing doorbells on the market, such as the bright blue light used by the Amazon-owned Ring and Blink, and the rounded edges featured on Arlo and Nest devices.

But aside from this one picture, we don’t know much else about the device, including whether it will be wired or battery-powered. The doorbell will likely support Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, though. Ecobee’s existing line of smart thermostats, and smart security cameras already come with integrations for all three systems (and more).

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