JBL’s Quantum gaming headsets are ready for deployment

Gamer wearing JBL Quantum headphones

There’s a good reason the best Twitch streamers, eSports players, and other big hitters on the gaming scene always seem to be wearing headphones. You may think that a couple of monitor speakers or room-scale 5.1 surround sound is the best option (who’s got the space?), but none of these things are tailored for purpose quite like a quality gaming headset. Get the right one, and it can prove just as important to pulling you into that game space like a powerful GPU, or a high-res high refresh rate monitor.

That’s where JBL steps up. For over 75 years, these guys have been refining their acoustic formula to deliver high-end audio to televisions, music equipment, and, most recently, gaming. Their Quantum range of gaming headsets caters to a vast range of budgets and needs – from the solo adventurer seeking to immerse themselves in the soundscape of an open-world RPG, to the streamer who needs to communicate clearly with their audience while staying attuned to what’s happening in-game.

Every headset in the Quantum series (opens in new tab) features a directional microphone, premium memory foam ear cushions, and QuantumSOUND signature drivers, which ensure that you’ll be able to track enemies by the sound of their footsteps, and feel the impact of an explosion as a shell lands 50 feet away from you in an online shooter.

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As you move up through the tiers of Quantum headsets, the feature sets get even better. 

The Quantum 300, 400, 610 wireless, 810 wireless, 910 wireless (opens in new tab), and ONE headsets have the luxury of QuantumSURROUND, which is where things really take off. Suddenly, gunshots reverberating off distant mountains will actually sound distant, while the ghoulish rasps of a spectral presence in a horror game will have you looking anxiously over your shoulder. The spatialisation tech will give you the edge too, letting you react faster to face whatever threats are coming your way. 

Best of all, QuantumSURROUND works with every game (though you’ll only get the most out of it if that game outputs surround sound).

Then there’s Active Noise Cancelling, reserved for the elite Quantum 810 wireless, 910 wireless (opens in new tab) and ONE headsets. Zone out of your study, your bedroom, your office, or wherever you’re sitting, and pull yourself into the game by eliminating background noise. Your parents, partners, or housemates might not appreciate having to tap you on the shoulder to get your attention, but you can probably pacify them by letting them know that the only viable alternative to the Quantums would be a roomful of booming 5.1 speakers. 

man gaming with jbl quantum headset

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The JBL QuantumENGINE makes your headset truly your own, letting you tweak and refine  the majority* of Quantum headsets. Use a range of presets or manually modify the EQ tune into the ambience of rustling trees, the heavy bass of artillery fire, or your favourite tunes. Create multiple profiles for different moods, modify your microphone settings, and customise those RGB lights with the whole spectrum of colour (hint: set your RGBs to an ominous pulsing red when you don’t want to be disturbed). With QuantumENGINE’s feature set, your headset becomes your personal space, just how you like it.

The JBL Quantum series is ready to be deployed for every gamer’s journey. Check out at Currys (opens in new tab) or the full Quantum line-up at the official site (opens in new tab), and join the Quantum community on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Excluding the JBL Quantum 100 and 200

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