How to see liked posts on Instagram

How to see liked posts on Instagram

Knowing what other people on Instagram like and don’t like can be helpful and informative in many situations. If certain things are popular, exploring those topics can influence your future activities and interests. Instagram used to have a feed where you could see everything your friends liked and commented on. However, this was removed in favor of the Activity tab, where you can only see what others do and say in relation to your own posts. So, how do you see liked posts on Instagram today?

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To see liked posts on Instagram, you must press others in the like count underneath a post. There you can see everyone that has liked that post.


How to see your liked posts on Instagram

Instagram allows you to see the last 300 posts you’ve liked. These are posts that you have double-tapped or pressed the heart button underneath.

To see the posts you’ve liked in the past, go to your Instagram profile and press the Menu (≡) button in the top right. Tap Your activity from the subsequent pop-up menu.

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Within Your activity, tap Interactions > Likes. In Likes, you will be able to see your liked posts.

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How to see someone else’s liked posts on Instagram

You cannot see someone else’s entire like history on Instagram. You can see when friends post and interact with your posts in the Activity tab (heart-shaped button) on the home screen. However, you will not receive alerts when they like others’ posts.

If you want to see what someone else has liked, you must manually go to the post in question and see if that person has liked it. Exploring an individual post’s like activity is the only way to determine if someone has liked it.

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How do you see what posts someone has liked on Instagram?

You must go to the post itself and tap others to see everyone that has liked it. The ‘following activity’ feed is no longer existent.

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