First Last of Us TV show trailer has clickers, Nick Offerman holding a shotgun

First Last of Us TV show trailer has clickers, Nick Offerman holding a shotgun

HBO Max has revealed its first full teaser (opens in new tab) for the upcoming The Last of Us TV show. The nearly two minute trailer shows a montage of scenes from the show, prominently featuring Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey (who you may remember as Lyana Mormont in Game of Thrones) as Ellie.

The trailer begins with shots of Pascal wandering through a settlement of survivors, set to a thankfully not too cinematic-trailery-chopped-and-screwed version of “Alone and Forsaken (opens in new tab)” by Hank Williams. Just some extra stomp and clap “bwaam bwaam” added when the action gets heavy, no full cover with mournful, distorted vocals like every other serious streaming show trailer. Points from me for that.

Pascal and Bella look great in their respective roles, and everything from the costuming to the sets manage to communicate that weirdly cozy, autumnal desolation of The Last of Us without dipping into straight up imitation.

The trailer offers a few oblique glances of the infected without showing off too much, including the tasteful un-reveal of a super close-up on a Clicker’s face.

There he is. (Image credit: HBO Max)

Other highlights included the briefest of glimpses of Nick Offerman holding a shotgun, a fun overhead shot of Joel and Ellie crossing a snow-covered bridge (I think I just liked it because it reminded me of this bit from Fargo (opens in new tab)), and a few peeks of Joel and Ellie horseback riding like that memorable sequence from the games.

I’m not the biggest Last of Us guy, but everything here looks pretty solid, and it has a certain splash of color I always thought was missing from The Walking Dead. Plus, it’s always just nice to see Pedro Pascal in something⁠—that guy almost made Wonder Woman 1984 watchable.

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