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🌻 Hey there! It’s getting brighter and brighter in the mornings, so Spring has definitely sprung. I need to actually get out and take more photos for AA’s Wallpaper Wednesday feature.

This is the Galaxy S23 Ultra

GALAXY S23 ULTRA floating

More of the same for Samsung?

  • It’s worth stressing that Hemmerstoffer has a top-notch reputation for leaks, so this is likely the real deal.
  • The renders show a device that doesn’t seem all that different from the S22 Ultra.
  • You’ve got what looks like the same teardrop rear camera housings, a similar shape, and an S Pen slot in the bottom.
  • Even the dimensions are similar to the S22 Ultra, which might disappoint those wanting a smaller device.
  • It all suggests that Samsung is taking a conservative approach to the Ultra series in 2023.

What to expect in terms of specs?

  • The Galaxy S23 series has been subjected to loads of rumors and leaks, and so a picture is starting to emerge for the Ultra too.
  • A couple of sources have claimed that the S23 Ultra will switch from a 108MP main camera to a 200MP shooter.
  • This is an interesting move if true, but we hope Samsung does a much better job than Motorola’s 200MP phone.
  • Our own Dhruv Bhutani tested the Motorola device, calling its 200MP camera “severely underbaked” and criticizing the poor low-light performance.
  • Nevertheless, we’re also hoping Samsung maintains the Ultra’s dual 3x and 10x telephoto setup. I’ve previously waxed lyrical about 10x cameras.
  • Otherwise, Samsung and Qualcomm announced a deal back in July for Snapdragon chips to power Galaxy flagships “globally.” 
  • Hopefully this announcement includes Europe, as it was the only region to receive Exynos-powered S22 phones.
  • Finally, a report out of Korea suggests that Samsung could debut the phones earlier than expected. Maybe a January reveal?
  • Either way, it looks like Google isn’t the only company to potentially offer an iterative approach to new-gen smartphones.

Thursday Thing

RIP to rapper Coolio, who won a Grammy back in 1995 for Gangsta’s Paradise. The 59-year-old was found unresponsive at a friend’s home before being declared dead by paramedics. It’s believed that he passed away from a heart attack.

Naturally, many tributes are coming in for the rapper. But one clip doing the rounds again is a 2013 video showing Coolio performing an acoustic version of Gangsta’s Paradise at a student digs in the UK. I remember hearing about this story at the time, and thought it was so cool (pun not intended). He even cooked a three-course meal for the students!

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