BGMI stylish name generator: How to get in-game ID names and 50 name suggestions listed

How to create stylish IGNs in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the past few months, the growth of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been astonishing. The Indian PUBG Mobile variant has registered over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, BGMI also ranks among the top games in the strategy genre.

The increase in downloads has also led to the arrival of new players in massive numbers. Every newbie wants to choose a stylish in-game name that makes them stand out. Thus, they can generate stylish IGNs using the stylish Battlegrounds Mobile India nickname generators.

The following section will provide a step-by-step guide for users to get or create stylish in-game ID names in BGMI:

50 suggestions for stylish IGNs in BGMI

1. 34d m4N

2. 3ea4st

3. Dark Horse

4. Eagle Eye

5. Devil

6. PluTo

7. PsYcho KiLLer

8. G.O.A.T.

9. GiANt KiLLer

10. B055

11. 4Lph4

12. #SlaughTER#

13. SplENdId

14. MASter

15. Omni-Man

16. AQuAchAmp

17. TenaciOS

18. phEONIX

19. buFF Guy

20. kNIghT

21. Storm-BreaKER

22. The Invincible

23. D4n9er0u5

24. Fei5ty Fury

25. 6L4cK H4wK

26. #3L4CK 3IRD#

27. D4rK f0rCE

28. Ze4l05

29. Dr490N 3E457

30. 7hE 9uY

31. W[]Lf-st4

32. Di4bi0LiC

33. 3LiTzz

34. vAGA60Nd

35. 3R0kEn

36. #*P4iN*#

37. EthErE4L

38. 9AN95TA

39. –deleted–

40. EzKiLLeR

41. P0iS0N

42. Kin6-5t4

43. K4yN1N3

44. Bl4dE

45. //H07 FiR3\

46. &murF

47. D4RK L0RD

48. kiLL-5h0t

49. C0l0554l D4M46E

50. F0rMid46Le F0e

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India): A step-by-step guide on generating stylish in-game ID names

One can find several IGNs on nickname generator websites (Image via nickfinder)
One can find several IGNs on nickname generator websites (Image via nickfinder)

Players can follow the steps given below to generate a name for Battlegrounds Mobile India:

Step 1: Open any nickname generator website like nickfinder, battlegroundsmobileguru, gaming nicknames, etc.

Step 2: Find nickname suggestions, as the sites mentioned above feature plenty of them.

Step 3: After finding the desired nickname, users can copy the same and open the game.

Players need to paste the generated nickname (Image via Krafton)
Players need to paste the generated nickname (Image via Krafton)

Note: Players can go for fancy fonts, but Battlegrounds Mobile India often denies their use. Thus, players can go for stylish IGNs with simpler fonts or watch the video here to understand how they can use unique fonts in BGMI:


Step 4: Choose a character and tweak the look after entering the game.

Step 5: They can now paste their name in the given box. If the game doesn’t recognize the font, players can type the name.

For changing the nickname

Players can change IGNs using "Rename Cards" (Image via Krafton)
Players can change IGNs using “Rename Cards” (Image via Krafton)

If players have already logged in to the game and desire to change their original IGN, they can do it using Rename Cards.

The first three steps will be the same as the previous method, but after opening the game, users should follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Inventory in the game and find Rename Card.

Step 2: Tap on the “Use” button, and players can paste the generated nickname in simple fonts.

Step 3: Clicking on “Ok” will successfully rename users’ original IGN.


Players can acquire a Rename Card using 180 UC from the Store or obtain the same from level 10 in the progress missions.

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