Apple’s Fines in Dutch Antitrust Case Hit 50 Million Euros

Apple's Fines in Dutch Antitrust Case Hit 50 Million Euros

Apple today was fined another €5 million ($5.5 million) in the Netherlands by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) as the company has failed to adequately comply with mandated alternate payment system requirements for dating apps.

The rules went into effect in January, and since then, Apple has received a €5 million fine each week. This is the 10th fine, for a total of 50 million euros. Apple has opted to allow dating apps in the Netherlands to use outside payment methods, but developers who wish to take advantage of this feature must submit a separate app binary and cannot offer third-party payment options and in-app purchases at the same time.

The ACM does not think that dating app developers should need to choose between using alternative payments or in-app payments, and has said that the apps must be able to offer both options. Apple has reduced its commission on purchases using third-party payment systems, asking for 27 percent instead of 30 percent, with developers required to submit a monthly record of sales so Apple can track its commission.

Last week, Reuters said that Apple’s fines after 50 million euros could be higher, so we’ll have to see how the dispute between the ACM and Apple in the Netherlands plays out. Apple on Sunday again adjusted its proposal for compliance, and the ACM says that it “should result in definitive conditions for dating-app providers that wish to use the App Store,” putting an end to the fines.

The ACM plans to review Apple’s new submission and will soon hand down a ruling on whether Apple is in compliance should it implement the new measures outlined in the proposal. If the ACM decides Apple’s proposal is not adequate, the ACM says that Apple could be subjected to another order with “possibly higher penalties” to encourage Apple to comply.

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